5 Steps To A More Secure Business

Mar 29, 2021

Your insider guide to commercial security

For owners and managers of commercial premises, site security is your main concern. Whether you’re protecting people, places, products or all three, your priority is to keep them safe. Do you know if your site is as secure as it should be? Have your security systems adapted to your organisation’s changing needs, and the latest threats?

Here at Oracle Vision, we partner with organisations that have a wide range of complex needs. That experience, and a geeky love of all things tech has given us a unique understanding of how to keep sites safe. What’s more, not only do we know how to protect everyone and everything on your site, but also how your security systems can enhance your business operations.

We want to share our expertise with you. This guide contains insider knowledge usually reserved for our clients. We want it to spark your imagination, offer a fresh perspective, and to get you thinking about a new approach to your security systems. The way we work is changing. Make sure you’re keeping up and that your site security can adapt to the new needs of your organisation.

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This guide is just the start. Once you’ve tapped into the ideas the guide will share, your next step should be a risk assessment. A commercial security risk assessment is the single most important step any organisation can take to making their site safe. We’d like to do this risk assessment with you, free of charge. We’ll never recommend a solution until we understand your needs and priorities – it’s not our style. Instead, take the time to assess what you’ve got already, identify your vulnerabilities and find the right systems for you. It doesn’t have to be ‘all or nothing’, we can recommend a phased approach, if that’s what you need.