A speedier approach for your security project

Apr 29, 2021

By Arran Barton, Project Engineer at Oracle Vision


In the five years I’ve been with Oracle Vision, the team has grown, we’ve expanded our services and we’ve even moved HQ – twice. But this latest development is the one that’s got me most excited. Why? Because fundamentally, it’s going to make our clients and our team happier. Let me tell you more.

Introducing your Project Engineer

Hi, my name is Arran, and I’ll be your Project Engineer – here to make sure your job is taken care of from start to finish. It might sound like something you’re more likely to hear at TGI Fridays (love that place!), but actually, why don’t we demand the level of customer experience we expect from hospitality and retail in our industry?

Plenty of other organisations have Project Engineers, but typically here at Oracle Vision, my role is a bit special. My job is to keep everyone happy. I’m the positive point of contact for everyone involved in the project, here to ensure everyone is informed, equipped, on track and critically, satisfied.

Keeping you in the loop

Projects can vary from half a day to three months or longer, but regardless of complexity, customers want to know what’s happening. At Oracle Vision, we believe that it’s our job to be proactive and keep you informed, so you don’t have to ask us. I’ll send you regular reports, sharing who’s on site, what they’re doing, and how we’re progressing. If things are moving ahead of schedule, you’ll know, so you can manage things on site as needed. On the rare occasions we’re behind, you’ll be notified in advance and be able to see why.

A happy team achieves the dream

Better communication around the project doesn’t only benefit the client, it can also help our team. My job is also to make sure our engineers have everything they need to do their job safely, comfortably, on time and well. I take care of pre-project set-up, ensuring kit is tested here in the office before it’s sent out on site, so there are no nasty surprises awaiting the engineer. I’m an extra pair of eyes when we start a project on site, doing risk assessments to make sure health and safety is paramount. During the job, I’m there to support, moving any issues along or getting help to the project where needed, so we don’t have any roadblocks.

Of course, with a team better equipped to do their job well and on time, that also benefits our clients.

Using tech to keep on track

Managing one project alone creates a lot of work, but when we’re looking after over twenty, Microsoft Excel and a good memory just isn’t enough. We’ve adopted the latest in project management technology, to keep track of where we are with all our projects. All the information we need is in one place, and it integrates seamlessly with our job management tool. It’s a simple interface for all of us here at Oracle Vision to see how the project is going, and to address any issues. The Sales Team who first heard the brief can ensure clients are well looked after, and the operations team can spot where help might be needed. Essentially, we have the tools in place to follow up on the promises we make to our customers.

If you’d like to discuss a project you have in mind for your site, we’ll love to have a chat – get in touch.