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Stop! Have you got a fault?
Relax, our Service & Maintenance team will sort it

OK, before we go any further if you have a fault lets get you sorted out fast – just in case you haven’t noticed yet our service and maintenance number is 0800 999 3100. We’ve made it free to call and relatively easy to remember – just call it and we’ll sort the rest. We may be able to deal with it over the phone but if not we’ll arrange for one of our service engineers to call in.

Very few technologies last forever and unfortunately security equipment is no exception. We offer a 24hr service and maintenance team across all our CCTV, Access Control, Intruder Alarms and fire safety solutions. Our team are ready day or night to get our sleeves rolled up with screw drivers at the ready to get things running again.

Here at Oracle Vision HQ we are quite an old school bunch of engineers and always aim to repair before we replace. This keeps costs down to a minimum plus it lets us show off a bit by showing you how clever we are by getting things working. We enjoy the challenge of getting a system running at its best and proud to say we’ve never ever been beat – we can always get things working. Some people would say that we need to get out more!


A service and maintenance plan guaranteed to suit any budget

Once we start working with our customers we make sure we keep an eye on your system. Our customers are our company’s life line and they are therefore our top priority. We promise to solve all your problems as quickly as possible and with the least amount of fuss. There are essentially three service and maintenance plans to support you:

Essentials Plan

Our ‘Essentials’ cover puts in place a routine cleaning, checking and system adjustment scheme to ensure everything is working at its maximum at all times. On our first site visit we create a report listing all the products that make up your system and we make any recommendation we think you’ll need to keep an eye on in the future. Any additional visits to site or parts used will be an additional charge. However, because you are covered with the plan we apply a great discount on our standard hourly rate keeping charges down to a minimum. But, if we are never called out to site again you don’t pay a penny extra. We’ll also provide regular updates, free software upgrades, manufacturer bug fixes and new system features whenever available to keep your system operating in tip top condition. You will be given a range of ways to get in touch with us and entered on our standby list for emergency call out.

Essentials Plan – Plus

The ‘Essentials Plan – Plus’ cover has all the benefits of the Essentials package but with the added feature of a number of call out’s included in the price. The amount of included call out’s is determined by you to fit your expectations. This option will allow you to budget in advance for additional support for your system without breaking the bank. Again, if needed we can make further visits to site for an additional charge at heavily discounted rates.


If you feel you don’t want to take any of our Maintenance Plans, but every now and then you may need some technical help – you can use our Pay As You Go system.

You can call during normal office hours on our dedicated support help line (0800 999 3100) and your call will go straight through to the support team. If you need us to call in we can do this on a ‘on demand’ basis and keep the costs to an absolute minimum. The quality of service is still the same and we’ll always be eager to help. ​

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