Commercial security in 2021

Dec 23, 2020

2021 will no doubt be a year of massive change to UK businesses. We’ll be healing from the Covid-19 pandemic, learning how to operate outside the EU and just generally recovering from the shocker that was 2020. But what does 2021 hold for the way businesses manage their fire, data and security systems? Here to share his three trends to expect in 2021, is Chris Lakin, co-founder of Oracle Vision.

Go beyond the gadgetry

In the past, we’ve relished showing off our new gadgets here at Oracle Vision. Sharper pictures, smarter tech – we love a new bit of gear. But next year, we expect the biggest changes to actually come in a new approach, not new tech.

New equipment is all well and shiny, but it’s how you use it that will really make a difference in 2021. So often we see customers who are barely using 20% of their equipment’s capability, and they’re missing out. Many of the systems we install are smart, and can work together to go beyond merely a fire or security service. For example, an access control system working in tandem with cameras can provide really useful data on workflows and efficiency, helping your business to review and enhance productivity.

This all requires a new way of thinking. As soon as you’re able to, sit down and take a look at the processes you’re using for your security and fire systems. Walk through your site (ask someone with the know-how to join you, if needs be – we’re happy to help, free of charge) and assess your risks and your opportunities. Map the capabilities that your equipment has with what you need. And soon you might find that it’s not an all-singing, all-dancing new bit of kit you need, it’s a new approach.

Learn from 2020

While most of us will be desperate to forget some of the horrors of 2020 (Zoom fatigue, anyone?), Covid-19 also brought about some positive change. Take a look at our Tim’s article on three changes the pandemic brought about. Not all of these adjustments should be forgotten. A move towards contactless access control, for example, is a shift that will benefit the health sector for generations to come, and other businesses would do well to take note in case another pandemic rears its head. Similarly, the smart technology used in lockdown to restrict the number of people in a space could prove very helpful to those in retail, leisure and beyond to manage the flow of site visitors in the future.

Security from home

One of the legacies that many workers hope to continue into 2021 is the ability to work from home. Agile working is growing in popularity, and with that comes a need for agile security. Where in the past you may have had a receptionist behind a desk in the office, now you have a need to manage access remotely to shared drives, online meeting spaces and communication tools. If you still have physical space for co-working, the Internet of Things may become useful to manage access control, lighting, air conditioning and more, to ensure that those still in the building are safe and comfortable when they’re there, regardless of whether your security manager is.


Whatever 2021 holds for your business, we hope it’s a prosperous year for you. If you’d like our help to take a new approach with your security, fire and data systems next year, give us a call. We’d love the chance to make a real difference to your organisation.