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Wireless Data Network Solutions

Oracle Vision have broken the mould of the standard data network provider in many ways by using the vast range of wireless technologies to transfer data instead of using traditional or Fibre Optic cable. Super-fast to fit, increasingly reliable and incredible value for money are often the key drivers for this data approach. 

Switching to a flexible wireless data network over either long or short distances has been a real benefit for many organisation namely local authorities and housing associations. Purely because of the huge savings they get from substituting their existing rented BT link or Fibre Optic solution for wireless has been a good enough reason to make the change. It’s easy to justify the switch from a financial and operational stand-point, a conversation we have almost on a daily basis. 

Linking this service with our mainstream business and transmitting HD-CCTV data has been a huge influence on the way systems within places such as town centres are deployed. Images can be transmitted back to central control station at a very low cost in ultra high detail by either combining a number of existing data methods or relying solely on a wireless network – it’s a real industry game changer.  

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