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With all of our customers, our priority is to give you the very best service possible. That often means we have to be technology ‘agnostic’, staying open to the right solution, rather than restricting you to limited options. We don’t get hung up on technology – after all, many of our competitors use the same kit. What makes Oracle Vision stand out is our operations. With us, it’s all about the delivery.

That being said, in order to deliver the best customer service around, we are experienced providers of some of the leading fire detection solutions on the market. These include:



From their headquarters in the UK, Advanced designs and manufactures specialist fire equipment that protects lives and property in more than 80 countries across the globe. Their fire protection solutions are installed in many of the world’s tallest – and smallest – buildings, as well as in a wide variety of complex and high-risk sites.



Apollo specialises high-quality fire detection solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Based in the UK for over 40 years, they’ve designed and built products that save lives and protect property from the risk of fire.

Apollo fire safety products are used in prestigious locations across the globe: The Statue of Liberty, New York; The Royal Albert Hall, London; The Kremlin, Moscow, to name but a few.



Fireclass is a revolutionary new class of commercial fire detection products. They offer a comprehensive range of fully approved quality products designed and manufactured in Europe. Their detectors can be found in almost every commercial environment including office complexes, hotels and shopping centres, schools and hospitals around the world.

FireClass technology is part of Tyco International, the world leader in fire and security solutions. Tyco has been specialising in fire detection control equipment for the last 50 years.



Oracle Vision is proud to be a member of the Gent 24 Network of Approved System Integrators. We have been selected, trained and approved based on our extensive capabilities and considerable experience in the fire industry. As System Integrators, we are partners who have met Gent’s criteria for designing, installing, commissioning, servicing and maintaining Gent products.

Honeywell Gent fire detection systems have been developed to the highest possible standards to deliver the most advanced fire detection and alarm system available in the market today.

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