The travelling salesman: meet Jack Chatburn

Dec 9, 2021

Jack Chatburn has only just celebrated his one-month anniversary here at Oracle Vision, but we’re ready to pounce and find out more about our new starter. In this quick interview, we meet our Commercial Field Sales Executive, find out exactly what that fancy job title means, and learn more about his passion for visiting new places.

jack chatburn oracle vision

What do you do here at Oracle Vision, Jack?

I’m here to look after customers, and finding new organisations for us to partner with. It’s going really well so far, I’ve had a chance to chat to lots of our lovely customers, and I’ve already brought someone new on board. There is a lot of interest from the potential customers I have spoken too so far – 2022 is going to be a good year!

What drew you to Oracle Vision?

I’ve worked in the security industry a little while, and I’m familiar with all the big players, but one thing that they all lack is customer service. From my experience, and what others tell me, these companies are such a big engine, customers become numbers and it’s hard to get anything done. I could tell, even from my first conversations with the team here, that Oracle really do prioritise customers. They go the extra mile, and instead of ‘selling’, they really listen to what customers need to get the right product and service. That was the main reason I wanted to come here – it’s a great unique selling point.

What do you enjoy about your work here?

It’s the team. You really can just reach out to anyone, they’re always a phone call away. If you need support, it’s there – which has bee very helpful, as a new-starter! It’s also rare you’ll find a business where the directors are so hands-on and approachable. Normally when senior management are around, people tense up, and are on ‘best behaviour’. It doesn’t feel like that here. I’m not just saying that for brownie points – I’m not sure that’s how it works here!

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not here?

At the start of the year we got a puppy called Barney, a labradoodle. Before lockdown really got into hiking, enjoying long days out hitting the trails. We thought it would be great to have a dog to bring along with us, not realising of course that when they’re puppies you can’t take them out that long! We still get out for lots of nice walks.

I really enjoy getting away – we always try and have a long weekend booked to look forward to. In the new year we’re going skiing, which I’m really looking forward to, having not been able to go the last two years because of Covid-19. Later next year we have trips planned to Venice and Ravello booked. I can’t wait – it’s great to be able to get away.

If you could spend the day with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and what would you do?

It would have to be someone quite funny, a good comedian. I’ll go with Will Ferrel – l think he is hilarious in his films and can imagine it being a great night out!

OK, time for the all-important quick-fire round:

First gig? The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Last gig? Glasto

Favourite food? Pizza

Favourite drink? Kronenburg

Favourite place in the world? I’d probably say the Phillipines, just because the scenary is phenomenal, shortly followed by NZ. It’s amazing in the Philippines – the weather is great, as are the beaches – you have little random mountains coming out of the sea, it’s gorgeous. We had a great trip to New Zealand, where we were climbing mountains with the most amazing views, and did sky diving.

Favourite TV show? I don’t watch a lot of TV to be honest. It is usually just Netflix competition programs on the in the background but I enjoyed Game Of Thrones at the time.

Favourite film? Stepbrothers.

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