Meet Oracle Vision’s biggest champion: Nick Wardle

Nov 23, 2020

We know that it’s our team here at Oracle Vision that make us so special. Our people are the reason our clients choose us, and why they stay. In the latest instalment of behind-the-scenes interviews with the team, we sat down with Nick Wardle, our Sales Manager, to talk about all things Oracle Vision. He didn’t disappoint! Discover his love for the company, his plans for the future and a little window into the man behind the manager in this two-minute read.

How long have you been with Oracle?

Two and a half years. Before I came here, I was in line for a sales managers role at another security business that was sold. The new company brought in their own manager and I was made redundant. I put a post out on LinkedIn and someone recommended Oracle, so I approached them. I joined as a senior salesperson, and immediately saw the team’s potential. I explained to Chris the vision that I had, and he promoted me to Sales Manager.

What is your role in the business?

My official role is the Sales Manager for Oracle Vision. Another way of describing it is Chris’ right-hand man!

What do you enjoy most about working here Nick?

I love the job and the challenges it brings, and it helps that Chris and Tim really are fantastic managers. I love the company ethos, the engineers, the whole team, everything really. This is possibly the best place I’ve ever worked at and I want to see out my days here. Hopefully I’ll eventually move into a Director role!

How would you describe the Oracle ethos in three words?

Personable, hands-on and efficient.

What do you like doing when you’re not here?

I love spending time with my wife and my two-year-old, we also have a dog too. When we’re not in a lockdown, we enjoy eating out together. Most days I tend to get up early to work out, and get my work done so that I can spend time with them in an evening.

If you could spend the day with any famous person, living or dead, who would it be and what would you do?

I’d love to just hang out in the studio all day with The Alchemist.

What was the first gig you ever went to?

I went to see Prodigy in Manchester when I was very young, probably fifteen or sixteen. Some of my older friends took me and it was pretty wild.

And the last?

That would be the Chemical Brothers that I saw in Leeds – my other half Lu surprised me with tickets. It was fantastic, but I’m a bit older than I was when I went to see the Prodigy, and my hips felt it the next day!

Tell us something not many people know about you?

Believe it or not, I’m actually a nice guy.


Favourite food: Pizza
Drink: An old fashioned
Band: Beastie Boys
Animal: Dogs
Football team: Don’t do football
Country: Great Britain
Book: Urban Grimshaw and The Shed Crew
TV show: I’ll have to give you two – Taskmaster for comedy and Sopranos for drama gangster stuff.


Think you might get on well with Nick? He’s hiring! Learn more about the sales roles he’s currently recruiting.