Meet Will Fletcher: Our Alarm Ace

May 29, 2021

Will Fletcher is a local lad who joined Oracle Vision in 2020, just before the Covid-19 pandemic took hold. In this quick interview, we learn about his know-how on intruder alarms, and what it’s been like to come on board through three lockdowns.


What does your job at Oracle involve?

I’m a Fire and Security Engineer, and my main focus in on intruder alarms. That’s what I did in my previous role, so I’m bringing all that expertise to my work here at Oracle Vision.

How did you come upon the role?

Oracle Vision was the first opportunity that really caught my eye when I was looking for a new role. They were local, but more importantly, when I got in touch, they were really responsive. When I came for my interview, everyone was so nice. I got called back for a second interview, and when they offered me the job, I snapped it up.

How has your first year in the job been, especially during a pandemic?

I feel like I’ve really settled into the role, and I’m really enjoying it. Luckily, Oracle Vision hasn’t stopped during the pandemic, and we’ve been here for customers the whole time. That’s also meant I’ve been able to still see my teammates, which is great.

The training has been fantastic. I’ve had a full year with the other engineers, supporting them on their jobs. In the last two months I’ve started leading on jobs myself, mostly at universities and education campuses, on their intruder alarms. It’s nice to be given the chance to get out and do the work myself now.

What makes Oracle Vision special, or different?

They seem to involve the customer a lot more, let them know what’s happening – it’s much more customer focused. I think that’s why we keep a lot of the contracts that we do.

How would you describe the company in three words?

I’ll have to give you five – ‘a great place to work’.

What do you enjoy about your work here?

I like being in a different place day to day, I could never just work in the same place every day. It’s good being out in the van, getting it prepared for a job and taking it out to all the different sites we look after.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not here?

At the weekend I really enjoy walking, out in the countryside. Sometimes we do a bit of camping, when the weather’s better. I love going over to the Lake District – Penrith is really nice.

If you could spend the day with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and what would you do?

I’d spend it with Lewis Hamilton, and we’d drive a load of F1 cars. I’m really into my cars, but since getting the van I spend most of my time on the road in that!

OK, time for the all-important quick-fire round:

Favourite food? Thai

Favourite drink? Coke

Favourite place in the world? New Zealand

Favourite film? Saving Private Ryan

Favourite TV show? Line of Duty

Next holiday? As soon as restrictions ease I can’t wait to get to Tenerife, or Turkey, for a bit of sunshine.


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