Oracle Vision is hiring!

Nov 17, 2020

Here at Oracle Vision, we have ambitious plans. To see them through, we need the best team in place, because our company is all about our people. To tell us more about why Oracle Vision is hiring and what we’re looking for in our new team mates, we chatted to HR & Compliance Officer, Emma Foley.

Hi Emma, what do you do here at Oracle Vision?

I have been part of the Oracle team for ten years and have seen some big changes, I have spent most of my time in the service team but recently moved into human resources and compliance. It’s a position I really enjoy! I like to see people do well, and no day is the same. On the one hand, it can be challenging but I am involved in some positive changes, which is really rewarding. We have a great team.

What’s the culture at Oracle Vision like?

As the company has grown, it’s been important to keep everyone engaged and provide opportunities for the staff to develop and grow along with us. We are an enthusiastic bunch, and have a common goal to be the best at what we do. As a team, we respect each other’s part to play, and everyone’s voice is heard. We work hard and understand the people are the business. Best of all, we have a great culture that fosters a really positive working environment and a healthy work-life balance.

What is the typical Oracle teammate like?

From day one you feel you have the support from your teammates. Everyone knows who’s who and everyone’s abilities are understood. After all, we all want to do a good job. Among the team we have good problem solvers and some great personalities.

How many people work at Oracle?

We’ve 22 members of staff, including all our engineers. While a core bunch of us are in the office (or working remotely during lockdown), the engineers are spread out across Yorkshire and the North West. We do our best to keep everyone connected, with technology, good communication and some fun team building events.

Social events sound fun – what other benefits do you have here?

We’re always reviewing our offer for the team and the benefits package is attractive. For anyone thinking of joining us, there’s plenty of training, technology, support and the tools to do your job – we just need more of the right people to join us. As part of our commitment to work-life balance, we offer a flexible holiday scheme and there are plenty of more new initiatives to come. I do believe that our values and culture are the main reasons why people decide to join us.

What’s driving the growth and the need for new people?

We’ve heard from our customers that our service and standards are what makes us different, and we’ve really listened to their feedback. That’s why we want to really increase our customer focus. We want to do more for them, and we want to do it even better than we do now. It’s our constant desire to provide great customer service that makes us stand out.

What kind of people are you looking for?

We need everyone on our team to be part of our customer service, whether they’re here in the office or out on site as an engineer. Everyone plays a role with our customers and ensuring they’re getting the best service possible.

Specifically, we are looking for a field sales representative, who will be responsible for finding new business. We also need a sales administrator who can support the sales team. That person will be vital in ensuring our customer service is spot on, from the moment a customer gets in touch to when we’re renewing their contract 20 years from now.

For more detail on the positions we’re currently hiring, take a look at our job descriptions for the field sales roles and the sales administrator position. Learn more about the Oracle Vision team on our about us page.