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From the threat of crime and health and safety assurance, through to production line monitoring, Oracle Vision can design, install and maintain the best Commercial VSS systems to watch over what matters to you. Our 98% customer retention record is proof that our ability to keep you totally secure, protected and productive really works. At Oracle Security, our team is second to none.

Made up of industry leading professionals, they’re experts in their field. The Oracle Vision security team is trusted to build state-of-the-art commercial VSS systems for customers in some of the most demanding security environments including hospitals, airports and town centres. Having high-definition recorded footage provides a huge amount of detail that can be analysed, acted upon, and ultimately used for evidence. It provides our customers with a confidence like they’ve never experienced before.

If an intruder does break into your site, our VSS monitoring service will take quick action. We work with a trusted Alarm Receiving Centre to ensure that when any alarms are activated, day or night, the response is swift before valuables are taken or damage is done. VSS monitoring gives you peace of mind that your organisation is protected around the clock.

Whether you have a commercial VSS system already or you’re considering a purchase, there has never been a better time to invest in this technology. Using our unique 5-Step Design Programme, our technicians will work with you to design, engineer, and install a system which meets all your specific requirements. Once created, we will then test and trial your new system to the full. Once we are happy it is running to our high standards, we’ll train you and your team, so you know everything about it.

But we don’t stop there. Our customer service team will then be on hand if you ever need them, ready to answer any questions as well as to continuously service your system and ensure it gives you year after year of exceptional performance.

When you combine a monitored VSS system with other commercial security solutions, you can really see its potential. The ability to connect seamlessly with another security feature such as Access Control, Fire and Building Management is where the magic really happens.

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