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The basis of an Intruder Alarm is simple – quickly detect a trespasser and tell someone about it. So, if someone breaks into your building, you and your security service need to know instantly. What’s more, you also want everyone nearby to know too, including the intruder, so they understand they haven’t gone unnoticed. The secret to a good commercial alarm system is to tailor the solution to each customer, building and business. No matter how complex or challenging your premises, we have the years of experience in all markets to provide an effective and reliable commercial alarm system that’s right for you.

Over the years, we’ve come up with a thorough approach to designing the right level of security for your organisation. A generic approach would be impossible for the businesses we look after. NHS Trusts, airports, schools, colleges, warehousing and heavy industry have very specific and individual demands, which we have learnt to cater for. It is important to understand that the technology is only as good as the quick response process that works alongside it, so having an Alarm Receive Centre [ARC] connected and ready is often essential for success. Thanks to our partnership with approved ARC’s, we can also offer you 24-hour response monitoring of your property. This gives you absolute peace of mind that your premises are monitored and when the alarm sounds, someone is listening.

For total protection, a combination of alarm systems with commercial VSS and monitoring, as well as an access control system, is very powerful. By integrating them together, you can mitigate a wide range of risks on your site. We can also automate these security systems to reduce your overheads and increase productivity.

To really understand the right answer for your organisation, let us ask the right questions. Pick up the phone and let’s have a chat about your needs. We’re happy to offer our guidance for free, to ensure that you get the best picture possible of what you need to protect your organisation.

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