Switching Security Contractor: A 3 Step Guide

Oct 14, 2021

If you’re an organisation with large, complex sites (sometimes multiple sites), security is serious business. Protecting your people and your premises requires extensive knowledge of your site, appropriate equipment and critically, a well-designed approach. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why switching security contractor is no mean feat. However, if your security system isn’t pulling its weight, the risks far outweigh any inconvenience in making the change. What’s more, here at Oracle Vision, we believe it doesn’t need to be stressful. Here are our 3 steps to successfully switching security contractor.

  1. Mobilise the troops early

    When a new customer wants to switch security contractor to Oracle Vision, we get started straight away. We have a well-designed onboarding process that kicks in before we get to work. We use this time to get to know your organisation, understand the existing system, and introduce the people who’ll be working with you. If you can overlap with the existing provider, there’s ample opportunity for information-sharing (in an ideal world!) and the handover is smoother.

  2. In-depth site analysis

    You might feel as though your current security contractor knows your site inside out. You’re probably right. But trust us, our guys will get up to speed in no time, with our in-depth site analysis. We survey your site thoroughly, creating detailed drawings of every space and the equipment used. By this stage you’ll be getting to know the team who’ll look after you, and they’re fast becoming experts in your site.

  3. A bespoke approach for your organisation

    With a thorough understanding of your site, and the right team in place to support you, we’re ready to design the right security system for your organisation. It’s not about the gadgets we instal, it’s about designing an approach that meets your needs and uses that technology to its maximum potential. We’ll quickly show that putting the right security contractor in place was well worth the switch.

If you feel as though your commercial security system isn’t working for you, and you’d like to talk to us about making the switch to Oracle Vision, get in touch. We’d love to chat to you about what you need, and see if we can help.

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