The Rise and Rise of Arran Barton

Dec 16, 2021

Arran Barton is one of Oracle Vision’s rising stars. Starting as an engineer just seven years ago, he has moved up through the business, taking on more responsibility. Recently, he joined the management team as our Contracts Manager. We caught up with Arran to learn more about his new role, and what it means for our customers.

Arran Barton contracts manager

Well done on the new role, Arran – what’s on your business card now?

My new title is Contracts Manager.

What does a Contracts Manager do?

Basically, I oversee the service department. I support the team to make sure our all our servicing and projects work is going smoothly. My job is to ensure all our service contracts are delivered to the high standard our customers deserve, and that their service needs are met.

What does it mean for clients?

It’s just another way that Oracle Vision is ramping up customer service. With the 16 years’ experience I have in engineering, and the seven years at Oracle, I understand customers’ needs. Specifically, I also have the site knowledge to offer the right solutions, and to empower our team to deliver the service quickly.

In a nutshell, my site knowledge and experience in this role means our service customers can expect a much higher standard of response than you would find in most other companies.

How long have you been with Oracle?

7 years.

How has the company changed?

It’s changed so much – we’ve really grown. –We’ve taken on bigger and better contracts, grown from five engineers to eleven, moved into these bigger offices at Nostell, sharpened our processes and we now offer fire and intruder system solutions. Best of all, thanks to this growth, we’ve seen lots of the team rise through the ranks and take on more responsibility, which is fantastic.

What’s your prediction for the next seven years?

With new team members in sales, like Jack, we’ll be generating a lot of new business, which will create new work, often on some really interesting sites. There will be some great opportunities for our existing team to grow, and for new starters to develop their career here at Oracle.

Generally, we expect planned government legislation around security in public spaces to impact lots of our clients. We’ll be planning more events and consultations to get all our customers up to speed, and developing their security so their systems are not just compliant, but working for them.

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Arran Barton contracts manager