Tom Lakin joins the family business

Mar 4, 2022

With brothers Chris and Tim Lakin already heading up Oracle Vision, and Christine in finance, it’s fair to say we really are a family business. So perhaps it’s not a huge surprise that one of our latest arrivals is a Lakin. Tom joined the Projects team just before Christmas, so we thought it was high time we got the download on what he’s up to, and what it’s like working with his dad.


What does your job at Oracle Vision involve?

I’m a Project Assistant, and I work with Arran and Ben in the Projects team. Our work focuses on new installations, while our colleagues in servicing take care of the systems we’ve already put in. My job is to support the team in delivering excellent customer service, and ranges right from the start of the project to the end. I could be on the phone keeping the customer up-to-date on when we’re coming. Later, it’ll be my job to put together a manual showing the customer what we’ve completed, how we’ve done it, etc. I’m here to help – if things need sorting, the team can call on me.


What were you doing before you came here?

I was working with freighters doing 13 hour shifts every two days. I worked on the trucks as a driver’s mate, travelling with them and helping to load and unload freight. It was alright, but really long hours.


What made you decide to come and work in the family business?

I’d spent a summer here before and what struck me was the camaraderie in the office. I haven’t seen that anywhere else. It really appealed to come and work somewhere where everyone is supporting each other – it gives you more drive to complete the job to a high standard.


What do you enjoy about your work here?

It’s quite interesting – it always varies and is never the same. For instance, one day you’ll be doing a manual about a project, and the next day you’ll be getting someone’s van ready to go out to a job. I much prefer that to doing the same thing every day. It’s never boring!


What’s it like working with family around?

I feel more of a push here than in other jobs. It’s a push to want to do my best, to stick at it, progress and make them proud.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not here?

Until I started working here, I played football semi-professionally. These days I like spending time with my girlfriend, and I’ve got really into spending time in Leeds. I enjoy heading there for drinks or food at somewhere Mowgli, or Thai Edge.


If you could spend the day with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and what would you do?

It’s a tough one – Chris Cornell I’d say. He’d teach me to play guitar!


OK, time for the quick-fire round:

First gig? Foo Fighters at the Etihad Stadium

Last album you got into? Feral Roots by Rival Sons

Favourite food? Pasta, in all sorts of variations

Favourite drink? Cold Moretti

Favourite place in the world? Majorca

Favourite film? That’s too hard! I watch a lot of films. Inglorious Bastards

Favourite TV show? The Punisher on Netflix

Favourite book? White Line Fever, about Lemmy


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