Case Studies

Town Centre CCTV Monitoring

Aug 17, 2020

Traditional and HD-CCTV Monitoring in Town Centres

Town Centre and public space CCTV support isn’t every security company’s cup of tea. The ability to work within a very busy high street or fast pace dual carriageway takes specialist equipment, engineering training and multifaceted project management – qualities Oracle Vision have been crafting for many years. Typically, with a complex technical make-up of fibre optic cabling, wireless connections and multi-operator central control CCTV, fault and installation responses need to be from very experienced engineers and service support personnel to ensure the operation of the system remains ‘always on’ regardless of the challenge both technically and logistically.

Experience when supporting a town centre system is everything and the way we partner with a local authority is no exception. Understand our role within the partnership including service level agreements, safety processes and contract management means we focus on open and transparent relationships.

Our fresh approach Town Centre systems in terms of design and maintenance allow Oracle Vision to work alongside system operators and management to keep the system productive, operational and economically viable.

Oracle Vision’s ability to offer a solution to fit the toughest budget makes what we offer very valuable and in many cases critical for long term feasibility.

Keeping plans on track are what makes town centre systems a success; with this in mind our free online project management software (ExtraNet) allows real-time updates on all aspects of a contract – Knowing that everything is working or being worked on is extremely important.

Technologies Used:

  • Ultra High Definition CCTV – the ultimate in evidence capture
  • Smart Graphical User Interface (GUI) Control for intuitive operator system management
    Integrated platforms bring together multiple disciplines’ into one complete automated system including;
    CCTV, ANPR, Car park control, people counting
  • Wireless Networks – for out of reach areas with little or no data connection. A low cost and fast solution to connect cameras
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) – using technology to automatically respond to known and unknown vehicles based upon their number plates for services such as access control, delivery management, parking supervision etc.

Customer Feedback

“Oracle Vision has worked with Bury Council for many years and shown us what a well managed and maintained CCTV system can do for a Town Centre. Our recent Control Room relocation has been a real success and an essential money saver too. Knowing that we can rely on our systems for first class evidence when we need it is a powerful position to be in”

-Mr McGee.