Waste Management Security: Keeping Waste Safe

Feb 16, 2021

By Annette Daniel, Account Manager at Oracle Vision

Waste happens in the background of people’s psyche – few of us really think about it. What happens to our waste is usually a forgotten element of everyday life. What’s more, the security of that waste is not something people would consider to be important. However for a waste management company and the people that actually manage waste removal, security plays an essential role.

When a waste contract is approved for tender, it will state that the contractor will process waste on behalf of the government. They will be required to manage and maintain the site to levels that are acceptable to the government. For example, making sure that waste isn’t just stored or piled up somewhere and left to rot. Equally, ensuring that the site is clean and looked after, especially if it’s in a residential area. There is a list of requirements that contractors must adhere to so that they don’t find themselves in breach of their contract. In order to do this, they have to be able to show evidence of what they’ve put in place and be able to prove what they’re doing.

Using technology to evidence compliance

Many waste recycling and waste management companies use security disciplines, such as CCTV and access control, to manage the sites. That way they can see when people come into the site, what they’re doing while they’re there and how they’re leaving the site. The key is to consider how best to manage and monitor it, whilst also using security to make sure that people are doing things safely.

There will be directional markings on the floor, people wearing hard hats and high-vis vests so that people aren’t at risk, but they’re also making sure that people are doing things in the right way.

“Where there’s muck there’s brass”

Unfortunately, where there are recycled products and resources, there will always be people who take a shine to them and would prefer to take them home or sell them on, which isn’t allowed.

Waste recycling companies need to try and make as much revenue from the waste that they’re recycling because that’s how the business runs. Cardboard is like gold at the moment, because there’s a shortage, due to the massive increase in online deliveries. Because of this, the value of waste cardboard is sky-rocketing, and now worth more than plastic.

Since these sites have so many security issues to consider, Oracle Vision has created a range of ‘menu style’ services and solutions that allow them to secure the site. Each service adds to the site’s security as well as maintaining health and safety conditions. It also enables them to have confidence that they won’t be breaching their contracts, which can carry heavy penalties. For example, a contractor may have certain KPIs to hit for how quickly they process waste, and they need to be able to evidence this.

We can help through the use of CCTV and ANPR, access control systems and intelligent cameras. These tools offer insights that can show whether they’re hitting their targets. It also helps our customers identify the people coming to the site and whether it’s domestic waste or trade waste, which enables them to keep an eye on revenue too.

Waste Management is not necessarily just about security, and in fact, the majority of Oracle Vision’s waste contracts are more about data capture than they are about security. It’s usually 20% security and 80% proof of contract.

The move towards sustainability

These days, more people are environmentally savvy, and want to recycle the waste from their homes properly. As a result, more people than ever before are visiting their local waste recycling site. Subsequently, the waste management centres must be able to securely manage many more people. This trend has also changed the way that the materials are separated, whereas previously they may have been bundled together. The sites must be able to prove that items are being properly recycled, as part of their contracts.

How can Oracle Vision help?

  • Prompt on-site service when repairs are needed
  • Enhanced customer service
  • User behaviour analysis
  • Regular maintenance checks
  • Enhances health & safety measures
  • Five-step design process to assess contracts and obligations

If you’d like to discuss the security needs on your site, we’d love to have a chat – get in touch.