5 Step Design Programme

The 5 Step Design Programme

Founded in 2004, Oracle Vision are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of electronic security. In that time, we’ve become pretty savvy about commercial CCTV systems, access control systems and fire alarm systems. In fact, we have a team of engineers who sit hunched over their desks, working all hours trying to make your working lives easier and safer, by creating security and fire detection systems which protect you and your business.

Our aim is to produce solutions to the problems that crime creates. Through the application of clever products such as monitored CCTV cameras and electronic door locking systems, we can create a much safer environment for people.

Oracle Vision’s real strength is in delivering an impeccable service. Our customers tell us that our biggest success is our attention to detail and our total dedication to great customer service (customers’ words, not ours!) We know this because we keep a constant flow of communication between us and our customers.

A track record of 100% customer retention tells us that keeping people up to date with general day-to-day issues such as installation progress, repairs and service calls is what people want. We are more than happy to provide it!

Although the Oracle Vision team are a technical bunch, over the years we have come to understand that our success is largely down to customer service and personable app. In fact, the type of technology employed in a project is often of lesser importance than the process used to define it.

In a ‘eureka moment’ it dawned on us that the steps we take to ensure a well designed solution is the thing we should shout about the most as it’s the thing our customers value the most. So, here we are shouting about it!


What is the 5-Step System Design Programme?

It’s a clear set of stages a project must go through to ensure the system is technically, operationally and legally sound. It also makes sure it’s on budget, on time and fit for purpose today and in the future.

These 5 steps have been developed by very experienced engineers, security consultants and business professionals’ over many years. Thanks to these 5-steps, we can guarantee you the right solution for you in every way, every time.

We want to make designing and installing a CCTV, access control or fire detection system a very easy and rewarding experience. What’s more, to add extra value we also offer smart finance packages, so that there’s no need to drain your resources whilst enjoying the benefits of a well delivered system.

Right, now jump to the next section and see how each step works.

Site Assessment & Initial Consultation

Alongside an in-depth site assessment, we want to listen to you and see how you need the system to work.

We want to hear your ideas, understand your business and see how security should fit around you.

System Design

We look at what’s really going on to give you best value.

We’ll pick out features that are actually going to be used and put it all together in a design that’s perfect for you today, and also ready for tomorrow.

The bad guys don’t stay the same, so we need be able to change too.

The Solution

Now we understand your site and how the security system needs to work, we bring everything together technically and operationally as one complete solution.

We talk you through our thinking, show you how the equipment works and explain the way it will fit into your everyday lives. This is also a time for you to change your ideas if your circumstances have changed.

If everything is good we then jump to step 4 – putting our plans into action!

Installation, Training & System Handover

The secret to a good security system installation is getting the basic infrastructure just right. By applying best practice installation processes, we set out the perfect system in the initial design.

However, a system is no good unless you know how to use it. So our ethos is training, training, training. We get very excited about what our systems can do, so if you want to learn, then we are happy teach you.

Maintenance Plan

Ok, we now have the perfect system – we need to make sure it stays that way. This is where step 5 comes in.

After the first year, our Essential Maintenance Plan kicks in and we look after your system for another year.

Our 3-Step maintenance Plan (Site Assessment, Adjust and Optimise, Report and
Recommend) guarantees we get the most from your system at all times.

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