Case Studies

Warehouse and Logistics Monitoring

Sep 1, 2020

HD-VSS and Smart Access Control

Fast pace, none stop operation with a smooth process is key to a productive warehouse and logistic centre. The Oracle Vision team have designed and installed systems for some of the UK’s largest industry leaders in this market. Our geographical location means we are within minutes from many of the high street brands logistic centres allowing us to be an essential support mechanism in maintaining their ‘always on’ status. Smart Access Control combined with turnstiles, barriers and gatehouses means warehouse staff are effectively managed as soon as they enter the site. Combined with software that links together super sharp VSS camera images means theft, health and safety measures and logistic tracking is managed with only a few clicks of a mouse.

Speedy responses on an any time, any day basis with hot swap spares at the ready, means our customers are confident that they maintain a consistent operational workflow. Solutions to assist with the process such as barcode and package tracking through industry specific VSS software means our systems can help these companies commit to their customers the promise of fast delivery online orders. Product tracking from warehouse to doorstep has allowed a new approach of next day delivery, boosting profits and market share for some very famous high street brands.

Warehouses and stock holding facilities are specifically designed for ease of access to load and unload materials – however these are notoriously difficult to manage. Theft, product misplacement and stock damage are major risks to storage and distribution companies.

Oracle Vision’s ability to offer Warehouse and Logistics owners and operators highly successful methods to control and protect stock, guard premises, automate management of access and egress to buildings and trace accountability of operator processes; making what we offer very valuable.

Technologies Used:

  • Ultra High Definition VSS – the ultimate in evidence capture
  • Smart Access Control using token and smart card systems – knowing and controlling the whereabouts of every user
  • Integrated platforms bring together multiple disciplines’ into one complete automated system including;
    VSS, Access Control, Logistic Monitoring, Fire Detection and Intruder Alarms etc.
  • Turnstile Control – successfully managing volumes of people entering and exiting sites
  • Logistics tracking through the interconnection of VSS and Barcode Scanner technologies – monitoring where and when packages are stored and dispatched
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) – using technology to automatically respond to known and unknown vehicles based upon their number plates for services such as access control, delivery management, parking supervision etc.