Case Studies

School, College and University Security

Aug 20, 2020

HD-VSS, Smart Access Control and Door Entry Systems

Security activity within the education environment is a longstanding market for Oracle Vision and a bedrock sector. The team have been shaped to perfectly fit within the needs of a school and university security contractor making sure all our staff are appropriately training, accredited and screened ensuring vulnerable people are safe when we are on site. Typically, the dependence on clever access control with supporting high definition VSS is the aim of a security solution applied to either a school or university, with the varying factor being it’s magnitude.

A flexible attitude to a project or repair wins the day when partnering with a school or university as working within busy environment needs patience and forward planning. Upgrades, additions and system automation are regular activities within the Oracle design team. Automatic sign in solutions, vehicle number plate recognition and crowd management are just some of the ‘bolt on’ options we been able to apply to some forward thinking education centers.

Schools, Colleges and Universities are specifically designed for ease of access to pupils and busy staff something recognised to be notoriously difficult to manage and keep safe. Theft, violence and vandalism are just some of the major risks to our Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Oracle Vision’s ability to offer Education Facilities Management highly successful methods to control and protect pupils and staff, guard premises, automate management of access and egress to buildings and trace accountability of site users (authorised and unauthorised); makes what we offer very valuable.

Technologies Used:

  • Ultra High Definition VSS – the ultimate in evidence capture
  • Smart Access Control using token and smart card systems – knowing and controlling the whereabouts of every user
  • Integrated platforms bring together multiple disciplines’ into one complete automated system including;
    VSS, Access Control, Logistic Monitoring, Fire Detection and Intruder Alarms etc.
  • Multi-site consolidation of VSS and Access Control for single point control – a powerful solutions with instant security response regardless of geographical distances
  • Network Data compatible systems – The ability to use an existing data network and its cabling infrastructure will cut costs and increase performance
  • Automatic Visitor Signing In System – A hugely popular solution to free up reception duties and interconnecting with the SIMS system

Customer Feedback:

“For many years Oracle Vision has shown us what a well managed and maintain VSS and Access Control system can do for a College. Knowing that we can rely on our systems for first class evidence when we need it is a powerful position to be in”

-Mr Whitehead.