Data Infrastructure

Data Infrastructure

There isn’t an organisation today that doesn’t rely upon an IT system to help run their business. We know this because we install and maintain data infrastructures that underpin them.  
It’s fair to say that IT infrastructures are seen as a service akin to electric and water so as soon as one doesn’t perform properly, we all certainly feel the effect.

So, this is where Oracle Vision steps in…

A well installed data infrastructure could serve you for ten to twenty years, longer than any other part of your network, yet it may account for a relatively small proportion of your IT budget. Over this period the demands on your IT infrastructure will increase so you need to provide for growth and flexibility. Once your cabling system is installed, changes can be disruptive and expensive, so it is essential to get it designed and installed correctly first time. With our many years in the cabling business, Oracle Vision can do this for you.

You can benefit from asking for one of our system designers to survey your premises free of charge. We will respond quickly and you’ll get a professionally written 5 step system design for a solution that meets your current needs and provides for your future growth. To match your budget and performance requirements, our portfolio includes cabling systems from a range of manufacturers using both traditional cable and fibre optic solutions.

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