Taking Care of the Team – It’s Emma Foley!

Dec 29, 2020

For a company whose people are the core of its business, it’s critical to look after that team well. Who better for the role of HR Manager than Emma Foley, who’s been with Oracle Vision since it was just a glimmer in Chris and Tim’s eye? We caught up with Emma to learn more about the human behind Oracle’s human resources.


What did you do before you joined Oracle Vision?

I worked in law as a property conveyancer for ten years before I came here. The practice owner retired, so I decided to take some time to consider what I wanted to do. The solicitors had been in the same building as Oracle and one day I saw a job advert on the front desk for a sales executive and it caught my eye. I decided to take the plunge and haven’t looked back.

How has the company changed since you joined?

It’s changed so much, in the beginning, it was just Chris, Tim and I, now we have over 22 people on the team, it has taken some time to get the right people, we work with some great customers and are still growing so we must be doing something right!

What do you love about Oracle Vision?

The people. Chris and Tim are great to work for, they want you to be part of something big, they have taken the best from their experience in this industry and made it a great place to work.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not here?

Keeping busy. I like a walk, ideally with a cup of tea and cake somewhere along the way. I enjoy cooking when I get the time, with the radio on and glass of wine in hand. You will also find me at a good car boot sale every now and then.

What was the first concert you went to?

Robbie Williams

And the last?

Simple Minds

Tell us something people don’t know about you.

Honestly, you get what you see.

OK, let’s try a quickfire round to get some vital stats from you:

Favorite book – Travel and Cooking

Favorite band – Simple Minds (the old stuff)

Favorite drink – Red Wine

Favorite food – Anything with cheese on.

Favorite place – There so many and so much yet to see – I’ll say the Scilly Isles, for now.

Favourite walk – Forwards, never backwards.

Favorite film – There are too many! The Martian was a great film.


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