When are security solutions not security solutions?

Jun 17, 2021

No, it’s not a modern take on an Alice in Wonderland puzzle! Oracle Vision, a renowned and respected commercial security company, is here to tell you that sometimes a security solution is not a security solution at all. Annette Daniels, Account Manager at Oracle Vision unravels the riddle…

The benefits of a commercial security system

I don’t think we need to tell you about the obvious benefits of CCTV, access control, intruder alarm and fire detection systems. Without a doubt they help to keep your premises and people safe. Commercial security systems can work proactively to protect your business, as well as retrospectively after an incident takes place.

Where we see the real impact to our customers on a daily basis is in how they use their security solutions to enhance other areas of their business.

Going beyond traditional security solutions

There are three main ways in which we see security solutions being used elsewhere in the business, outside the standard security remit.

  1. Health and safety
    Many of our customers operate sites which handle heavy machinery and busy production lines. Where several clients have seen real value is in using access control to restrict access to only those with health and safety training needed to operate these tools. Furthermore, CCTV footage has been invaluable to them in identifying incorrect use of machinery then sharing that as part of their health and safety training programmes.
  2. Legal
    Closely linked to health and safety is the application of security solutions to protect organisations’ legal liabilities. With robust CCTV in place, companies can monitor whether correct health and safety practices are being followed. In the event of an incident where either an employee or a visitor wished to take legal action against the company, CCTV footage may be an important piece of evidence to support the business. Such a case happened to one of our waste management customers. They were threatened with legal action by a new employee who had seriously injured their arm in one of the machines. Despite having received ample health and safety training, the security system showed that this employee had not used the machinery as instructed, resulting in the accident. Without that evidence, the organisation would have been liable for tens of thousands of pounds in compensation. It might have cost £10,000 to install the cameras, but you’ve saved yourself a £50,000 law suit.
  3. Business planning
    As traffic management tools, CCTV and access control gain popularity in the fight against Covid-19 (see our article here), organisations are learning a lot about the flow of people through their businesses. Tapping into data which shows the number of people at your premises can be very useful in identifying trends. If you can observe ‘hot spots’ when business is busy, it can help you to better manage staff, stock, waymarking, physical security, queueing systems and even notices to customers who want to avoid busy times.

A solution for all

Ultimately the design, installation and maintenance of a commercial security system will always fall under the control of the security side of the business. However, organisations who can partner with security to use these solutions and insights have much to gain. What’s more, with greater value to be gleaned from security solutions, security teams may find greater appetite from management to invest in these systems.

Of course, commercial security systems can’t generate this data and interpret it into insights by themselves. They’re clever, but they have their limitations! It takes coordination within the business and a solid understanding of the systems themselves to set them up to deliver this kind of value. Speak to your security contractor about how they can support you to get more from your security solutions. If you want to pick our brains, we’d love to have a chat – just get in touch.